Digital Media & Curriculum Integration: EDUC 5380

Hardin-Simmons University
Dr. Scott E. Hamm

Course Description & Learning Outcomes

Course Description: This course emphasizes twenty-first century skills including digital literacy, inventive thinking and collaboration. Students will explore the power of using multimedia projects by integrating digital products into a curriculum unit. Students will increase computer skills using software that combines a variety of multimedia including: text, still images, audio, video, video podcasting and web publishing.

Learning Outcomes: By the completion of this course, you will be able to:

1. Articulate your philosophy of teaching, technology, and spirituality.

2. Enhance current lesson plans and student engagement through the strategic use of digital media within a unit.

3. Demonstrate digital media mastery through a multi-media presentation synthesizing course tools, outcomes, and collaborative work.

4. Research educational trends in the use of digital media and curriculum integration.

5. Practice collaboration and collegiality through participation in interactive learning experiences face-to-face and in the online learning environment.

6. Summarize one online unit of the class through use of technologies demonstrated in class.

7. Participate, evaluate, and collaborate in a case-study to demonstrate professionalism in communicate with parents, administrators, other teaching professionals, and/ or community leaders in the advancement of 21st century technology skills in the K-12 learning environment.

Course Schedule

Course Dates: July 9 - August 9, 2018

Fully Online with one required real-time session at the mid-point of the course.

Learning Management System: Canvas

Course Texts

Below is our primary text for the course. You may purchase it through HSU (click on button below) or purchase them through using the links below the book images or wherever you find the best deal! My recommendation would be purchasing a digital version.

HSU bookstore

Screen Shot 2018-01-09 at 3.17.36 PM.png

Best buy: Amazon, Kindle $17.95

Learning with technology doesn t happen because a specific tool revolutionizes education. It happens when proven teaching strategies intersect with technology tools...

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Scholarly Articles

We will be exploring scholarly research on the intersection of technology and learning.

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Course Philosophies & Policies

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Class Philosophy

Some online learners start classes feeling isolated, but not in this class! This class is a community and each person in our community has the same objective: to learn. This class is designed to have you learn in community with your peers. When you're a member of a community, you can rely upon others for help and support when you need it, but you must also be willing to step up and contribute regularly, as well! Let’s work together to make this a great experience for everyone!

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Communication Policy

Establishing regular and effective communication with me is foundational to your success in this class and is a shared responsibility of instructor and student. If you have a course related question, please post it first in the Question Forum in our course. This way everyone can benefit from the answer. If you ned to contact me, email is the quickest way . I will respond to your inquiries within 2-3 hours between 8am - 8p.m. On weekends, I will respond with 3-4 hours between 8a.m. - 8p.m. My cell is listed below and you can text me in an emergency, but please email first. If I do not reply in this time frame, please assume I did not receive your email (it happens) and email me again or send me a text to check my email.

How To Reach Me:

Email me at

Text me: 325-232-5008

Skype: ScottEHamm

Office Phone: 325-670-1099

Twitter: @ScottEHamm
Course Hashtag: #EDUC5380

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Caffeine Policy

The following is my top four preferred intake:

1. Dark coffee with cream

2. Doppio Espresso with cream

3. Coke or Pepsi

4. Unsweet tea with lemon

What is yours?

In our face-to-face sessions, you will surely see me with one of these four. If not, please inquire as to why not since it would be highly likely that an imposter, who looks like me, is trying to teach our class.  #ZombiesAreReal

Conducting yourself the right way online is called "Netiquette" Click on the following link to familiarize yourself with good online manners: NETIQUETTE

Some Tools You May Be Using

Below are some emerging technologies. We will be using some of these in our course. Feel free to explore and consider tools you may want to experiment with in our class! You will be building your own technology tool-kit in the course. Below are a few tools for you to try!

Adobe Voice

For iPad only. A free, simple to use app for creating digital stories. Get creative and give it a try!


Create hip, high-energy videos that look like they belong on TV! Videos are generated from still images, text you type onto the screen, and you can choose to add 10-second video clips.

  • Sign-up for an Animoto classroom account
    and receive a free 6-month Plus account that includes the creation of unlimited full-length videos!


for iPad & web

A simple, online graphic design tool with thousands of images, backgrounds, and graphics available for free. Canva is super for designing online course banners or any type of image for social media. If you want to design from scratch, get started by selecting a canvas size from the templates provided. Be sure to spend some time reviewing a few of Canva's fabulous (and fun) tutorials to learn some basic design skills.

Haiku Deck

for iPad & web

Create free, stunning, visual presentations in a moments. Haiku Deck enables you to pull beautiful images directly from Flickr and attributes them for you. Your prez may be shared online or exported into PowerPoint where you can add more slides for customization. Click here to view a sample Haiku Deck.


A digital bulletin board. Students simply post by clicking and typing. Works on smartphones too! Each post can be text, image, or a link. Use for brainstorming, feedback, research resources, debating topics, notetaking...the sky is the limit! Padlets can also be embedded within an LMS or on a webpage.


for web

A free, simple way to create single-page websites. This page was made with Populr! Beautiful templates to get you started. Includes the option to record video directly into a page. Great for a humanized, interactive syllabus! Pages render great on mobile devices and (with an education account) your pages can be password protected and you can also make choose to turn them into collaborative wiki-like pages!


Use this web-based screencast tool to record anything on your screen! Create videos up to 15 minutes in length that may be downloaded as high quality .mp4 files or uploaded direct to your free YouTube account -- all free and no downloads! To eliminate the small watermark on your video, upgrade to the Pro version for $15/year -- it includes loads of features including editing tool.

Shadow Puppet

Create custom videos that are easy to share! Combine photos and video clips with your voice and favorite song. Draw on screen, add emoji stickers, zoom and pan. Create videos to tell a story, explain an idea, or send a personalized message.


A free, super simple option for creating websites. Each Tackk you create may be public or private. Public Tackks have the option to enable a Tackstream, which creates a conversation about the Tackk. Comments may be left without an account but to include images or videos, a user must be signed into Tackk. Tackk has built-in templates to select from, including one for a "class assignment." You may also consider using Tackk to create content for your online course and embedding the Tackk directly into your LMS (be sure to increase the dimensions on the embed code, as the default is quite small).


Provides a method for facilitating an asynchronous conversation in text around a video. Link a YOuTube video straight into Vialogues and ask your students a discussion question. As they view the video, they type their comments, which are synced with the video and play back in real time for later viewers.


Web, iOS, and Android

Create asynchronous conversations in voice, video, or text around media files (images, videos, presentations, documents, audio files, and more!). Each new VoiceThread account starts as a free account, which provides a new user with the ability to create up to 5 VoiceThreads. After you create five, you are prompted to upgrade your account. VoiceThreads can be embedded in an LMS or on a webpage. There is an LTI plug-in for VoiceThread, which provides integration into all major Learning Management Systems (Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, etc.). VoiceThread can also be integrated with major student authentication systems, providing students and faculty with a single-sign on experience and creating accounts automatically for students!


A classic, reliable wiki tool that remains ad-free and no-cost for educators.The new Wikispaces Classroom update released in 2013 added analytics, a social feed, and "projects." Projects allow instructors to put students into small groups and assign a sub-wiki to each group within the main overarching course wiki. Nice!

YouTube Capture

for iPhone and iPad
Record videos on-the-go from your mobile device and upload them straight to your YouTube account.

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Canvas Information

  • To access our course, log into your account at HSU Central, click on the Canvas icon, then click on 17S2_EDUC5380 Dig.Media/Curr. 17S2_EDUC5380A. It will be in your dashboard or course list.
  • Have a smartphone or tablet? Download the Canvas app to participate in course activities from your mobile device.
  • Android
  • iPhone
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Need Help?

If you need assistance with Canvas, click on this question mark icon on the left menu of your course. If help is needed with some other aspect of technology, please contact the help desk!

Call: 325-670-1288



Late Policy

In general, late work is not accepted unless a legitimate unforeseen situation arises. To receive an extension, students are responsible for notifying me of their situation prior to a due date and receiving an email from me with an agreed upon extension.

Late discussion contributions are rarely accepted, due to the social nature of these activities.

See you soon!

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In addition to your textbooks (see top of page), you should consider the following items to be successful in this online class:

  • A USB microphone (headset recommended) Search Amazon for "USB microphone headset" and click "Under $25" to see some options.
  • Regular access to reliable, high speed internet access on a computer (not a mobile device). I realize mobile devices are awesome and I love to encourage you to use them! There are parts of our class that can be accessed with them. But to succeed, you must have regular access to a laptop or desktop computer with high speed internet access. Consider this the same as your transportation to class!
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